Type Designer: Stanley Morison

Nathan Henkel

Professor Mata

Art 240.01

September 23, 2013

Stanley Morison

            One of the most well considered among typography, born May 6th, 1889 Wanstead, England, Stanley Morison He was interested in a vast amount of things in his field such as  advising, editing or printing different type faces during his tenure as a typo graphologist. Everyone that knows about the history of typography, are all well aware of the contribution that Stanley Morison put into the type face Times New Roman.

            Gathering up all of his work as a typo graphologist, it is said that Stanley Morison has over 170 published works that revolve around typography. Before any of his finest works were developed his whole career started when he was hired as an editorial assistant in 1913. He edited the Penrose Annual for a three year period as a design writer in the year of 1938. He would essentially edit and issues articles alongside other design writers. The Penrose Annual was a London based review of the Graphic Arts, which began all the way back in 1895.  

            In the London Times, Stanley Morison was one of the only Typographers in the 20th century. Another popular work Stanley edited was the final four volumes of the Fleuron. The Fleuron was considered the most important typographical Journal to be produced in England. In the 1920s as a typographical advisor of the Lanston Monotype firm, he ordered certain fonts to be recut for use in machine printing. This was part of an old revival printing program in the corporation. This caused certain fonts such as: Bodoai, Garamond, Fournier, Baskerville, Poliphilus and Bembo to emerge in production.

In 1929 Stanley Morison publicly criticized “The Times” a newspaper article because he said that the type face was poorly executed. So he decided to make a better typeface, one that he wanted to be more economical, that provided more characters to the given space to print a type face and that was also compatible with the printing machinery at the time. He made some rough sketches and then went to his dear friend, Victor Lardent to help him draw out the final copy, which was then called Times New Roman. The first issue of Times New Roman appeared on October 3rd, 1932.











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